Kerbside collection services


Council provides kerbside collection services to residential, community and commercial properties in the townships of Camperdown, Gnotuk, Cobden, Derrinallum, Lismore, Port Campbell, Simpson, Skipton, Terang, Noorat, Glenormiston and Timboon.

Council has a four-bin collection service. Eligible residential properties are entitled to one full service only. This service includes:

  • 120 litre general waste bin (red lid) collected weekly
  • 120 litre glass recycling bin (purple lid) collected monthly
  • 240 litre recycling bin (yellow lid) collected fortnightly
  • 240 litre green organics bin (green lid) collected fortnightly between January to September and weekly during October to December.

The Council Kerbside Waste Collection Policy(PDF, 278KB) has provision for alternative arrangements for schools, community groups and commercial properties. If you are associated with a school or commercial premises inside one of the current collection areas please discuss your waste collection requirements with Council to identify if changes are required.

When are bins collected?

Place your rubbish bin on the kerbside before 6 am on your collection day.

Your rubbish will be serviced each week, even on public holidays.

Should your collection occur on either Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Good Friday, alternative collection arrangements will be put in place. Generally the bins will be collected the following day.

Click on the link below to view or download the current kerbside collection calendar.

What day is my bin collected?


Timboon, Simpson, Port Campbell


Derrinallum, Lismore, Skipton


Camperdown (South of the Princes Hwy), Gnotuk


Camperdown (North of the Princes Hwy), Cobden


Terang, Noorat, Glenormiston


My bin hasn’t been collected - what do I do?

If there was an issue with your bin that prevented it from being collected (i.e. the bin was too heavy), there will be a notice left on your bin informing you of the reason for non-collection. This issue must be rectified before your bin can be collected on the next scheduled service day. The contractor will not return to service the bin until the next scheduled date.

If your bin is not collected by 3.30 pm on your collection day and there is no notice on your bin contact us on 03 5593 7100 as soon as possible. Council will organise the contractor to return to empty the bin(s). The contractor will not however return to empty a bin which was not out at the kerbside prior to the time of collection. 

Where do I put my bins?

Bins must be placed on the kerbside at the front of the property unless an alternative location has been approved by Council. At times bins may be placed at a location which is causing problems for the contractor. In these instances the contractor will move the bins to an alternative location when they have been emptied. If you return home and find your bins at an alternative location, continue to place the bins at the new location.

Where no kerbing exists, the bins must be placed as close as practicable to the edge of the road shoulder.

Bins must be placed with the wheels facing the property.

Bins should be placed one metre apart from other bins and free of obstructions such as power poles, letter boxes, trees and parked cars. Where possible, bins should not be placed on the road surface.

Bins must not be overloaded and the lid shall be closed prior to collection to reduce spillage. Bags or containers next to the bin will not be collected.

Bins should not weigh more than 80kgs.

Where these requirements are not met, your bin may not be collected. In this instance a notice will be left on your bin informing you of the issue to be rectified.

What goes in each bin?

Our A-Z Waste Guide(PDF, 162KB) provides information about what items go in each bin.

There is also a household recycling guide available which has a list of recyclable household items. There are no plastic bags permitted in the recycling or organics bin, including recyclables or food waste bagged in plastic bags.

Council may not collect your bin if there is contamination in your recycling or green organics bin. In this instance a notice will be left on your bin informing you of the issue to be rectified. In some instances Council can suspend a collection service to a property should there be repeated service issues.