Water Quality



Water is essential to humans and the environment. It is important we look after our water resources not only for our future generations, but also to ensure that the water that we consume is healthy and that the water in the environment will not contaminate the habitat.

Below is information relating to how we can protect waterways and improve the quality of our drinking water.

Wannon Water also has a comprehensive FAQ page which may help you with your water quality query.

Bores and Groundwater

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning provide comprehensive information regarding bores and groundwater at Department of Environment Land Water and Planning/Groundwater and bores.

Blue-Green Algae

Blue green algae, otherwise known as Cyanobacteria, can cause major problems in recreational water; however, when they are found in drinking water they can cause serious problems for the waters consumers. For more information please visit Department of Environment Land Water and Planning/Blue-green algae.

Keeping Waterways Clean

It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that our waterways are kept clean. We must keep our stormwater systems clean to reduce environmental damage and also to keep our rivers, lakes, beaches and oceans healthy for future generations.

Please read What You Can Do on the EPA website for a few handy tips on how we can all help keep our waterways healthy.

Private Drinking Water Supply

Living in rural Victoria, you may already have, or may be considering installing your own private drinking water supply. It is important that you take every precaution to look after your water supply as they can become contaminated with harmful microorganisms. Gastroenteritis outbreaks have occurred in Victoria as a result of people not ensuring that their drinking water is coming from a good quality source and not regularly maintaining their drinking water supply.

For information regarding how to adequately look after your drinking water supply, please read the brochure Your private drinking water supply.

Preventing Stock access to Natural Waterways

Poor drinking water quality can affect our public health. Therefore, it is important that we prevent our stock from accessing natural waterways in drinking water catchment areas to help protect our drinking water supplies.

For information on how to protect our waters see the Department of Health's brochure Protect our waters, protect our health

If you would like any further information, please contact the Environmental Health Team on 03 5593 7100.