Business Facade Improvement


The aim of the Business Facade Improvement stream is to provide support to businesses that have street frontage to undertake high quality facade improvements, that are visible from the front of the property and enhance the visual appearance and function of the building. 

Businesses must be located in one of the 12 towns within the Shire and have a visible street frontage.

Home based businesses or businesses with no street frontage are not eligible to apply.  

How to apply?

Applicants need to make an appointment with the Economy & Prosperity team.  When you are meeting with the team discussions will include the scope and type of works being proposed, any permit requirements, timing of works, building owner consent, and availability of contractors. 

How much funding is available?

The program is based on a $1 for $1 contribution. Applicants can apply for a maximum funding of up to $3,000 for physical works and $500 for landscaping. This funding is available once per business and/or premises per year. In addition to the grant funding, planning permit fees would also by waived by Council as part of the program to encourage participation. However, any relevant building permit fees would still apply. Buildings within heritage areas of the Shire will need to comply with relevant guidelines.

What can the Business Façade Improvement grant include?

  • Painting of the business façade
  • Professional cleaning of the existing façade
  • Removal of redundant signage, air conditioning units and hoardings
  • Minor repair, maintenance or reinstatement of missing elements
  • Minor repairs to existing façade tile or stone accents
  • Minor repairs to structural façade elements and awnings
  • New repairs or replacements of verandahs
  • Installation of new business signage
  • Installation of permanent store lighting visible from the street that improves the façade amenity
  • Universal access in front of building (e.g. ramps)

 What can it not include?

  • Retrospective works (projects already commenced or completed)
  • Operational or administrative costs
  • Non fixed items, eg, tables and chairs, moveable lights
  • Internal shop fittings or infrastructure
  • Works where a planning permit has been refused.
  • Purchase of a building

This stream requires an application that addresses the following assessment criteria:

  • Applicants must demonstrate how the project will benefit the building’s presentation and streetscape.
  • Applicants must provide a minimum of one quote for the proposed works and provide the business address of the contractor. Council encourages applications where local and/or indigenous-owned businesses are utilised (if available in the region).
  • Applicants must submit a plan detailing the proposed improvements together with all necessary approvals
  • Applicants must submit “before photos” of the proposed building with the application.

Please view guidelines booklet and speak to a member of the Economy and Prosperity team.