Emergency Plans and Strategies

Our Emergency Plans and Strategies

This Emergency Management Plan details how both the council and the community can prepare for, prevent and recover from the event of flooding. 
Corangamite Shire Flood Emergency Plan

This Plan aims to protect the health of the Corangamite community by reducing harm from heatwaves, achieved by identifying the vulnerable, developing partnerships to coordinate a heatwave response, outlining effective strategies and actions to implement during a heatwave, and building practices to evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the plan.
Heatwave Plan

This guide provides information for those living in the township of Skipton about their risk of flooding, as well as providing information about flood warnings, flood preparation and what to do in the event of a flood.
Local Flood Guide Skipton

The aim of the Corangamite Shire Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) is to document agreed emergency management arrangements before, during and after emergencies that could impact on the Shire and its communities.
Corangamite Shire Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2022-2023

This Plan details the actions and processes taken by Council during and in the aftermath of an emergency, guiding the re-establishment of elements of society essential for wellbeing. This Plan is in conjunction with other plans and strategies adopted by Council to prevent and manage emergencies.
Municipal Emergency Relief and Recovery Plan

This Plan details the processes around identifying, designating, establishing, maintaining and decommissioning places such as Neighbourhood Safer Places within the Shire.
Corangamite Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan

The aim of this plan is to enable a consistent approach to response for an Influenza pandemic outbreak and recovery across the region, while facilitating an integrated approach for the Corangamite Shire when dealing with an Influenza pandemic outbreak.
Pandemic Influenza Plan

The aim of this plan is to reduce the risk to life and communitiy values form the threat of fire, and facilitate the development of resilient and fire adapted communities which have an increased capacity to recover from fire.
Strategic Fire Management Plan