Public Art Policy


Council has developed the Public Art Policy with an aim to offer something for everyone who lives, works, studies and creates in our Shire.

There are opportunities to explore our cultural identity and heritage, and for the community to participate in creative activities.  Through the plan, the artistic vitality of the region is celebrated, offering innovative strategies to extend engagement to those who may not typically get involved in arts and cultural activities.

Corangamite Shire recognises that public art projects have a significant role to play in connecting communities and activating public spaces.

Public Art can: 

  • build community support. engagement and enthusiasm
  • enhance and activate the public space
  • create conversation and awareness
  • increase community connectiveness by being accessible and inclusive
  • reflect the cultural and social fabric of the community. 

Public art is an important contributor to the vibrancy, creativity, and values of a region. Public Art enhances an area and plays a critical placemaking role stimulating discussion, fostering social connections, and providing enjoyment and stimulation for both residents and visitors. 

Council's Public Art Guidelines support the Policy and provide information on how different processes are managed including requests for the lighting of Council owned public buildings such as the Camperdown Clocktower and Courthouse. 

The Public Art Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Public Art Policy 2024.