Drains and stormwater

These are the different types of drains you will find in Corangamite Shire:

Drains maintained by Council:

  • Kerb and channel
  • Grated pit
  • Side entry pit
  • Table drain
  • Cross road culvert

Drains maintained by property owner

  • Driveway culverts are usually to provide access to private property
  • Maintenance and cleaning of driveway culverts is the responsibility of the property owner
  • Stormwater drains from private properties to legal points of discharge.


It is the property owner’s responsibility to have stormwater runoff from his or her property conveyed to a legal point of discharge which is usually an underground drain, kerb or open table drain in a road reserve.

A Road Opening permit is required to install or alter a stormwater connection within the road reserve.

For any water or drainage related issues in your area not described above, contact your local water authority.