The original Plan for Simpson was developed through the latter half of 2011 and settled upon in February 2012. One hundred and one (101) ideas were put forward and aggregated under six themes. The town survey collected local views on what was needed in Simpson in the short, medium and longer term. A review of the 2012 Plan for Simpson was completed in 2017.

Simpson’s community plan lists 26 priorities for township development, six of which have been completed. Top priorities include:

  1. Better town entry and directional signage (completed in part)
  2. Indoor sporting complex with gym and pool
  3. Make and improve bike tracks around Simpson
  4. Retain and re-purpose former Kraft Factory
  5. Form Motorbike Club and construct dirt bike track
  6. Move Recreation Reserve gate (completed)
  7. Connect to natural gas
  8. Establish community function centre (completed)