Commonly asked questions

Who is eligible to get bins?

Kerbside waste collection services are provided to all rateable properties (excluding vacant blocks) within the designated collection areas. These properties pay a separate garbage charge on their rates to receive this service.

Properties outside of the designated collection area do not receive kerbside waste collection services.

I’ve just built a new house - how do I get bins?

New properties within the designated collection area will receive kerbside waste collection services once a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued and the owner has submitted a “request for new waste services” to Council. Please contact Council to commence the new service.

Council will cover the cost of supplying these new bins.

Can I remove the Council bins from my property?

All bins remain the property of Council and must not be removed or transferred from the property. This includes the movement of bins from one property to another in the same ownership or taking the bins with you when you move.

My bin has been stolen or vandalised - how do I get a replacement?

If your bin is stolen or vandalised, you need to complete a statutory declaration and forward it the Shire.

Copies of statutory declaration forms can be found at Declarations need to be signed by an authorised witness.

Once Council has received your completed statutory declaration, Council will order your new bins. Council will cover the cost of the replacement bins.

My bin is missing - how do I get a replacement?

If your bin is missing, please contact Council to organise a replacement bin. Council does not cover the cost of replacement bins where the bin is missing and will invoice the resident for the cost of the bin. All replacement bins must be purchased through Council.

If you are about to move into a property it is best to check that all bins are located at the property prior to moving in. If the bins are not present you will need to discuss this with the real estate agent or your conveyancer. If you move into a property without bins you will be responsible to pay for the replacement of the bins.

My bin is damaged - how do I get it repaired or replaced?

If your bin is damaged, please contact Council to organise repairs or a replacement bin.

If the bin damage is your fault (i.e. burnt due to hot ashes), you will need to cover the cost of replacement or repair of the bin. If the bin is damaged by the contractor or from general wear and tear, Council or the contractor will cover the replacement or repair costs.

Can I get additional bins collected at my residential property?

Council will only consider supplying additional kerbside collection services to residential properties in the following special circumstances:

  • A person living at the premise has a medical condition with treatment resulting in the generation of waste quantities exceeding those which can be reasonably accommodated by a standard kerbside waste collection service (i.e. dialysis) and the waste is non-hazardous.
  • There are multiple dwellings (i.e. units) that are not rated separately by Council.
  • There are circumstances beyond the resident’s control, not relating to leisure, business, culture or other pursuit, where Council deems that an additional kerbside collection service would be appropriate.

Properties wishing to gain access to additional kerbside collection services should submit a written application to Council stating the reasons why the additional service is required with evidence to support their claim (i.e. medical certificate).

What happens to unauthorised bins?

Only authorised mobile bins issued by Council for the purpose of the service are permitted to be used for the kerbside collection services. Mobile bins that have not been supplied by Council for the purpose of the service will not be collected.

Where a premise is found to have unauthorised Council mobile bin(s), Council will take appropriate action to retrieve them. This includes premises that have additional Council mobile bins and have not received Council approval for additional kerbside collection services.