Swimming Pool and Spa Regulations


In Australia, swimming pools and spas are a popular and enjoyable recreational water resource and activity centre. However, it is important that all swimming pools and spas are properly maintained. All pool and spa operators must adhere to all the relevant acts, regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines.

New regulations, in effect from 1 December 2019, aim to improve safety by ensuring pool and spa barriers meet required standards.

The State Government regulations propose:

  • Mandatory registration of pools and spas with local Councils
  • Mandatory safety barrier inspection and certification
  • A process for dealing with barriers that do not meet safety requirements, and
  • Fees for initial registration, and for lodgement of certificates of compliance and non-compliance.

Owners will need to register their pools and spas by 1 November 2020, or within 30 days of completion from which Council will develop a register of all domestic pools and spas in the Shire. Fees for registration $30 and an Information Search fee $45.

Barriers will need to be assessed by a registered private building surveyor or inspector who will issue certificates of compliance or non-compliance, which owners will need to lodge with Council.

Inspection compliance certificates will then be required to be lodged with Council every three years.

Owners wishing to do their own initial safety assessment can be guided by the following Victorian Building Authority checklists.

Work on an existing safety barrier, other than basic maintenance, is likely to require a building permit and will need to comply with regulations.