Fees and Enabling Infrastructure


The Fees and Enabling Infrastructure stream aims to encourage development that is significant to the community to occur within a shortened timeframe, assist new businesses to establish by reducing the up-front costs and provide some certainty to those proposing to invest in the municipality.

Assistance to be provided may include a reduction in permit and registration fees or a co-contribution to public infrastructure (e.g. required road, drainage or other civil works).

To be eligible to apply for funding under this stream, the application must:

  • be a new or expanding business in the municipality
  • demonstrate compliance with the planning scheme
  • demonstrate eligibility with the relevant part(s) of Table 1
  • not be for or associated with a development that has been operating unlawfully *

Table 1



Economic Investment

and /or

Demonstrate that the minimum capital investment in the development is equal to or greater than $250,000.



Result in an expansion of genuine new Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs in Corangamite (i.e. not jobs that have been relocated within the municipality between premises). In the case of a start-up business a minimum of three (3) FTE jobs or for existing businesses, a significant expansion of FTE jobs.

Note: the application must include information describing the number of new construction and ongoing jobs (existing and created). Jobs must be genuine “new” jobs rather than a transported or relocated workforce.

Operational Lead


The business activity can commence operation within two years of receipt of all required planning and development approvals.



Provide detail that the design of the development has considered greenhouse gas emissions, climate sensitive design and/or incorporated low emissions technology.


Demonstrate the financial viability of the project in the absence of any financial assistance through a fully costed business project plan.


* Note: Council may, at its discretion, accept applications where the “unlawful operation” relates to:

(a) unpaid infrastructure charges if they have only commenced operation of the development or the relevant stage of the development in the last six months; or

(b) a minor compliance matter provided that it is rectified prior to the application being submitted.

Please view guidelines booklet and speak to a member of the Economy & Prosperity team.