Kerbside Glass Collection


Kerbside collection customers, your new glass kerbside bin is rolling out.

Your purple bins are continuing to be rolled out, with the next glass collection to take place in June. 

Kerbside glass will be collected once a month.

Here's what you need to know...

An update on the roll-out

Council has engaged a contractor to provide brand new red lidded bins, and to swap the lid on your old red bin with a purple one, ready for glass collection.

The old red lidded bin will be changed to a purple lid and then used for glass collection. The contractor will deliver your new red bin and swap the lid on your bin at the same time.

It’s been a big job to re-lid the bins, and its taking the contractor longer than expected. If you have not received your glass bin yet, please keep putting your red lidded bin out to 5pm on collection day.

Most properties will have their glass bin by the end of May ready for the first big collection. If you haven't got your bin by the end of the month, please contact Council on 5593 7100 and we will work with the contractor to get a bin delivered.
You can only receive a new red bin if your existing one is out for collection
For those that have got their purple glass bin, you can start separating your glass now so you can put your bin out on the first big collection on the week starting Monday 3 June.

How long will this take? Do I leave my bin out?

The contractors have completed round one of the roll out, and are now in the process of round two. Most properties will have their glass bin by the end of May ready for the first big collection.

If your bin has not been upgraded by 5 pm on collection day, please don’t leave it on the street. Bring it off the kerb, and place it out again on your next collection day.

The contractor will return next week on collection day and continue the roll out.

I haven't received a glass bin yet. What do I do?

If your red bin has not been re-lidded by the end of May please contact Council on 5593 7100 and we will work with the contractor to get to your bin.

Why am I getting a new red bin instead of a new purple bin?

The red lidded bins are ageing and are more likely to break due to weekly collections. New bins are more robust and can be lifted more frequently without damage. The old bins are still useful.

The red lidded bins will be re-lidded with a purple lid and become the glass bin. Glass collection will be once a month, so there will be less pick ups, and less wear and tear on the bin.

Reusing the old bin will extend the useful life of the bins and is an example of Councils commitment to a circular economy. Reusing the bin has reduced the cost for rate payers and is keeping materials in circulation and out of landfill.

Reusing the bin has reduced the cost of the change-over for rate payers and is keeping materials in circulation, extending their useful life.

When can I start using my new bin?

Recyclable glass can be separated from your comingled recycling as soon as you receive your bin.

The first collection will be on the week commencing Monday 6 May. 

Download the 2024 Collection Calendar(PDF, 123KB)

Can I still put glass into my yellow lidded recycling bin?

We expect that there will be a transition period as we all learn to sort our glass bottles and jars from our recycling.

Glass will be accepted in the comingled recycling stream for the first two months. From then we ask residents to stop placing any glass materials into the yellow lidded recycling bin.

No glass will be accepted in the yellow lidded recycling bin after Sunday 30 June, 2024.

What types of glass are accepted?

Only glass bottles and jars can be accepted.

If other types of glass or ceramics are added it becomes contamination. For example, window glass and Pyrex have different melting points and cannot be turned back into bottles or jars, and if present will cause fractures and abnormalities in the new product. 

Lids on or off?

Off please! Remove lids before recycling glass items, thank you. Please dispose of the lids in the red lidded bin for general rubbish.

How often will my glass bin be collected?

Kerbside glass will be collected once a month.

What else is changing?

Other changes include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to be installed on the red lidded and purple lidded bins. Bin lid latches will be installed on the red lidded bin. 

What is an RFID tag? Why does my bin need one?

It contains the serial number of the bin which we record when delivered to a property. Having a RFID tag means we don’t have to manually read the ID number of the bin. It will help reduce loss of bins by letting Council know if a bin is collected at a different property. It will also allow Council to identify bins that fall into the truck and need replacing.

Only council and our waste contractor will have access to this information. Both parties adhere to strict privacy policies and information will only be used for waste management. No personal details are collected. 

Other FAQs

What happens to the glass?

Glass is taken to Warrnambool for cleaning. From there, glass will be sent to Melbourne to a glass beneficiation plant for sorting into colours and recycling back into glass jars and bottles. Contaminated glass will be used as a road base supplement.

Why are we getting a purple lidded glass bin?

Corangamite Shire will separate glass bottles and jars from commingled recycling bin to comply with the Circular Economy (Waste and Recycling) Act 2021 which states that Local Governments must remove glass from comingled recycling by 2027.

We’re aiming to increase Corangamite Shire’s kerbside waste diversion from 63% to the 80% the recommended in the Victorian State Government Circular Economy (Waste and Recycling) Act 2021. 

Where do I put the non-recyclable glass?

Glass that is not from a bottle or jar should go into the red lidded waste bin. Non-recyclable glass includes automotive glass, window glass, perfume bottles, glassware like cups and wine glasses, crockery, baking ware, Pyrex, vases, and light bulbs.

I don’t have any glass, can I opt out of glass collection?

No. All households within the kerbside collection area must have a glass bin. The kerbside services are kept consistent across all properties to reduce administration costs and increase service delivery.

What bin should I put my glass in at Public Litter Bins?

Council will continue to have public place recycling bins and general rubbish bins, but does not have plans to install glass bins. Glass placed into public place recycling bins will be considered contamination. Instead, we ask that you take your glass home with you for your glass bin, claim a 10c refund through the Container Deposit Scheme, or place into the red lidded general rubbish bin.

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