Container Deposit Scheme

Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme (CDS Vic) is a new Victorian Government initiative that will provide a 10 cent refund for every eligible drink container returned. Victorians will be able to collect eligible drink containers and earn 10 cents per container at more than 600 refund points across the state. 

The scheme will start across Victoria on 1 November 2023 and aims to reduce litter, create new economic opportunities, generate new jobs and turn drink containers into new recycled products.

How does CDS work?

Victorians will be able to collect eligible drink containers and take them to a refund point to earn 10 cents per container. Depending on the type of return point you deposit your containers at, this refund can be received in the form of cash, a retail voucher, an electronic refund, or you can donate your refund to a donation partner of your choice.

Who pays the 10 cents for each container?

The scheme is funded by the beverage industry, and once returned, the containers become material for recycling. CDS Vic is a product stewardship scheme. That means beverage companies pay for the 10 cent refund for each container and the operating costs of the scheme. It also means beverage suppliers are playing their part in helping to reduce litter, improve recycling rates and reduce the number of containers that end up in landfill.

Who is responsible for coordinating Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme?

CDS Vic operates on a partnership model, where VicReturn is the scheme coordinator, and handles the financial operations, marketing, and community education to maintain scheme integrity. Our Zone Operators Return-It, TOMRA Cleanaway and Visy establish and oversee the refund points, ensure refunds are provided to customers and ensure proper recycling of the containers. The Victorian Government regulates the scheme to ensure its efficient operation.

Where are the refund points in Corangamite Shire?

There are four refund points planned for Corangamite Shire:

  • Cobden Golf Club at 16 Neylon Street, Cobden - OPEN
  • Timboon Fuel at 109 Bailey Street, Timboon - OPEN
  • Cooinda at 49 Dow Street, Terang - OPEN
  • 245 Manifold Street, Camperdown - IN PROGRESS

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