Management Team

Chief Executive Officer - David Rae

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David's role is to ensure that Council operates effectively and efficiently through the establishment of appropriate structures and resources. He is responsible for ensuring that Council decisions are implemented and that the operations of Council are consistent with the Council Plan. David is also responsible for governance and corporate planning.


Director Works and Services - Shaun Broadbent

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This role oversees the Council's asset management, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and footpaths, recreational facilities, including halls, playgrounds, sports stadiums, parks and gardens and also the management of recreation programs, and property sales, acquisitions and leases.


Director Corporate and Community Services - David Harrington


David is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the Corporate and Community Services department including financial management, contracts, human resources, risk management, information and communication services, property and rating, community development, aged and disability and children's services and contract management.


Director Sustainable Development - Justine Linley


Justine has overall management responsibility of economic development, tourism, strategic and statutory planning, building services, emergency management, public safety and amenity, environmental health, and environmental services. Justine is also responsible for Council's Community Relations department, which includes customer services, communications, community engagement and event planning.