Wastewater treatment plants

These systems are generally referred to as secondary treatment systems as the quality of the effluent produced is of a higher quality than that produced from a septic tank.  To achieve this higher quality standard, these systems usually require a higher level of maintenance as they rely on the provision of oxygen being pumped into the wastewater to assist in the biological and microbial activity required to break down solid waste.

Types of Treatment Plants

There are many different types of wastewater treatment systems that are available.  To help you decide on the best treatment system for you, visit the websites below.  If you are still not sure which system is the best for you, talk to your local plumber.

For a current list of approved wastewater systems in Victoria, click here.

How to look after your Wastewater Treatment System

Your wastewater treatment system requires your assistance to ensure it continues to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  For information on helpful hints to maintain your system and warning signs of a failing system, please read the How to Look After your Wastewater Treatment System brochure(PDF, 639KB).

Wastewater Systems in Flood Affected Areas.

If you live in a flood affected area and flood waters have affected your property, your wastewater system may also be affected.  For more information on what to do with your system, click here.