Community Enterprise


The aim of the Community Enterprise stream is to support entrepreneurs, creatives and community-led businesses to create and deliver inclusive projects that encourage the development of enterprise skills, build economic capacity and employment opportunities in communities throughout Corangamite.

How to apply?

Applicants with ideas and potential projects need to make an appointment with the Economy & Prosperity team.  The team will work with applicants to develop their idea/project.  When you are meeting with the team discussions could include:

  • Tell us about the idea /project?
  • What skills and knowledge is being sought and how will these be used for community benefit?
  • Who in the community will benefit from the project?
  • Who will deliver the project?
  • How will the proposal develop enterprise skills, economic capacity and/or employment opportunities? 

How much funding is available?

Applicants can apply for maximum funding of up to $2,000 (exc. GST) per project. Applicants are only eligible for one grant per annum. 

This stream requires that the application demonstrate how the project will satisfy one or more of the following:

  • Is aligned with one of the platforms of the Grow and Prosper Corangamite Framework being:
    • Agriculture
    • Housing
    • Connectivity
    • Creativity
    • Environment
    • Authenticity of people and place
  • Builds community capacity in project planning, management or delivery and/or develops community enterprise skills or economic capacity.
  • Encourage/increase participation in community life and social inclusion.
  • Increases the knowledge / skills of community.
  • Provides goods or services that meet a specific community need or requirement.

Please view guidelines booklet and speak to a member of the Economy & Prosperity Team. 

Note: Community Enterprise does not support events and activations, please consider Stream 2: Creative Industries and Placemaking as this may suit your proposal.