The original Realising Terang community plan was developed through the latter half of 2012 and concluded in May 2013. One hundred and forty-six (146) people either submitted their ideas through a town survey, a Soapbox event and at both public and invited meetings. One hundred and seventy-five (153) ideas were put forward and aggregated under eight themes.

The Terang community plan lists 21 priorities for township development to 2023. A substantial number of these have been completed. Progress is documented in the review of priorities conducted in 2015.

Terang’s top priorities include:

  1. Clean up shopfronts (nearing completion)
  2. Develop Lake Terang area (commenced)
  3. Build a retired persons village
  4. Fill empty shops (ongoing)
  5. Connect Terang to natural gas (completed)
  6. Build new town playground (completed)
  7. Upgrade parking (completed in part)