Camperdown Saleyards


The Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre is a quality assured centre under the National Saleyards quality assurance program. 

Sales are held each Tuesday at 9am at Cressy Street in Camperdown, and are open to all classes of cattle.

Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre has high tech livestock weighing features and covered yards with soft flooring. The centre also has a canteen, shower, toilets, truck wash and lighting for night deliveries.

Camperdown Livestock Selling Centre is operated by RLX Operating Company Pty Ltd.

Saleyards office:  03 5593 2147

Contact details for the stock agents located in the local area who use the facilities:


Stock Agent


Brian O'Hallorans & Co

Tim Healey

0409 559 201

Charles Stewart

Steve Lambert

0407 504 001

Charles Stewart

Corey Baulch

0429 315 414


Clarke Roycroft

0409 677 281


Allan Hickey

0409 675 948

Stewart Nash McVilly

Alister Nash

0427 932 264

Stewart Nash McVilly

Phil McVilly

0437 951 291