Skipton flood 2022


Flood Assistance Grants 

This page provides a list of some the flood grants that are currently available, with details on how to apply. Please note that this is not a full list of assistance available and may be subject to change. Please call our Emergency Team on 5593 7100 if you have questions about your eligibility or need assistance to complete an application.  

Small business support


Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program 

Businesses directly impacted by the Victorian floods that commenced in October 2022 can access a one-off grant of $5000 to cover immediate expenses.  

Eligible businesses can apply for the grant to cover expenses incurred from direct flood damage including for (but not limited to): 

  • qualified tradespeople to conduct safety inspections, repair premises and internal fittings 
  • equipment, materials and services needed for clean-up 
  • removal and disposal of debris, damaged materials or damaged stock 
  • equipment, stock and materials essential for immediately resuming operations. 

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Business Relief Service 

The Business Relief Service is a free service offering one-on-one support from a local business relief adviser who will be available via telephone and on the ground to guide business owners through the available Commonwealth, state and local supports. They can also help you manage insurance and landlord issues, assess impacts and form strategies for recovery. 

To access the Business Relief Service, please call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15 and they will connect you with dedicated business relief advisers and support. The hotline operates seven days a week. 

Farm support

If you are a farmer that has been impacted by the recent flooding, contact Agriculture Victoria on 1800 226 226 to report any losses and damage. This includes damage related to any type of flooding, such as riverine flooding, flash-flooding or inundation of land.
There are several financial support packages available to assist flood-affected farmers. Further details on these can be found at Rural Finance or by contacting Rural Finance on 1800 260 425. If you need assistance with completing the application form, contact Council on 5593 7100.
Council is partnering with Landmate to provide crews to assist flood affected properties. If you need help with clearing flood debris and repairing or replacing fences, please contact Council on 5593 7100.

Victorian Primary Producer Flood Recovery Grants 

The Primary Producer Recovery Grants is a payment of up to $75,000 to primary producers directly affected by the floods to help them clean up, re-establish their properties, and get their businesses up and running again. 

The grants will help pay for activities including: 

  • removal and disposal of debris and injured or dead livestock 
  • replacing or repairing essential equipment 
  • fixing and replacing fencing 
  • buying fodder, water and water storage 
  • salvaging damaged crops, grain or feed 
  • hiring or purchasing materials to clean up a property or equipment 

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Victorian Rural Landholder Grants  

The Rural Landholder Grants provides up to $25,000 for eligible primary producers that have a smaller-scale Primary Production Enterprise and do not qualify for the Primary Producer Recovery Grants. The grants will support clean-up and recovery costs. 

This grant covers activities like the removal and disposal of debris and injured or dead livestock, replacing or repairing essential equipment, fixing and replacing fencing, buying fodder, water and water storage, salvaging damaged crops, grain or feed, and hiring or purchasing materials to clean up a property or equipment. 

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Victorian Primary Producer Flood Recovery Transport Support Program  

If you own stock and require transport of emergency fodder or stock drinking water, and moving stock to agistment, sale or slaughter you may be eligible to claim 50 per cent of transport costs, up to $15,000. 

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Concessional loans 

Eligible primary producers whose properties have been directly impacted can apply for concessional loans of up to $250,000. 

These loans can help pay for: 

  • restoring or replacing damaged assets 
  • general expenses incurred while the clean-up is underway 

The approved loan amount will be determined by Rural Bank (a division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank) in accordance with estimated damage costs and the ability to repay the loan and provide adequate security and must satisfy Rural Bank lending policies, responsible lending standards and the Banking Code of Practice. 

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Sporting club support

Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program 

The program assists Victorian sport and active recreation organisations directly affected by the October 2022 Victorian floods. 

$5,000 one-off grants are available to assist in the replacement of items that have been lost, damaged or destroyed. 

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Business and Community Sport Flood Recovery Grants

Business and Community Sport Flood Recovery Grants support small businesses, not-for-profit and community sport and active recreation organisations that have suffered direct loss or damage from the 2022 Victorian floods.

To apply for the Flood Recovery Grant, you must first have been successful for the $5000 one-off grant from either the Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program or the Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program

Eligible businesses and organisations must be in one of the local government areas (listed here) declared a ‘defined disaster area’ under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangement .

The grant has a two-tiered structure:

  • Tier 1

    Up to $25,000 is available with evidence of direct damage and an outline of expected recovery costs. To make a claim under Tier 1 you can provide evidence of either estimated or actual costs. You must first apply for Tier 1 before progressing to Tier 2.

  • Tier 2
    Tier 2 encompasses subsequent grant payments totalling over $25,000, up to $50,000, which can be reimbursed with full evidence of payment for recovery costs (tax invoices and official receipts). This evidence of payment must also include any amounts initially claimed under Tier 1, including the initial $5000 grant.

Important note: Any funds provided through this grant include the $5000 already paid from either the Small Business Immediate Flood Relief Program or the Community Sport Emergency Flood Assistance Program.

You can apply for up to $50,000 in total funding to cover expenses resulting from direct damage to property, assets, stock or equipment. This includes the $5000 you have already received through the previous grant programs outlined above.

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Health and Education Recovery Fund

Health and Education Recovery Fund supports the schools affected by floods and ensure flood-affected communities will still have access to education. This includes support for school students to replace essential school-related items up to the value of $1,200. Items can include uniforms, laptops, internet dongles and stationary.

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Recovery update newsletters

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