Community Planning

Corangamite Shire has worked closely with local communities to develop Community Plans for each of its 12 towns. These ten-year plans spell out what each community values most about their home town – to be protected and maintained. They also record the aspirations of local communities and list agreed priority projects to make the Corangamite Shire more liveable and prosperous.
Community plans are developed by local communities, for the community and owned by the community. While some community priorities are not necessarily those of Council,
Council takes them into account in formulating its annual budget and longer-term plans.
Council has been able to support and assist local communities complete more than 60 priority projects over the past eight years, through advocacy, technical advice, seed-funding, grant support and other project assistance through its Community Planning initiative.
Community Planning at Corangamite Shire is not only about projects. It seeks to build networks and connections within and beyond communities and bring new resources to bear on community development. Community planning continually challenges the way Council engages with communities of interest across the Shire and encourages it to improve the way it listens and responds to each and every one of its constituents.