Council Plan

Council Plan 2021-2025 Cover

Each council is required to produce a four year Council Plan in the year following a general council election. 

The Council Plan is a key document that is informed by the Community Vision and reflects the strategic direction of Council for the duration of its four year term.

This Council Plan has a significant focus on the issues we believe are of importance to our communities within the following five themes:

  • A Connected Community
  • A Thriving Community
  • A Healthy, Active and Resilient Community
  • Improving our Environment
  • Community Leadership. 

Each theme contains strategic objectives identifying what is important, as well as strategies that describe what we are going to do, and indicators to measure our success in achieving the objectives.

The additional Annual Action Plan describes specific initiatives and priorities that will be undertaken during the year.

Within the Plan, Council has identified a vision that conveys the direction of the organisation and a mission statement that defines its overall purpose. Critical values have also been identified which demonstrate the high standards of ethical conduct expected by the community of its Councillors and Council staff.

Councillors and Council officers are committed to working together in the best interests of the people of Corangamite Shire, and to discharging our responsibilities to the best of our skill and judgement.