Native vegetation

Planting Natives

Growing plants native to the local area offers many advantages to you and the local environment.  Indigenous plants:

  • are adapted to the local climate and conditions
  • often have minimal water requirements
  • support local wildlife by providing food and habitat
  • preserve the biodiversity of the region for future generations
  • can be used to extend the beauty of the local surroundings into home gardens

Council has developed an Indigenous Planting Guide(PDF, 2MB) to provide residents with lists of plants that are indigenous to local areas across the Shire.

There are several local nurseries that specialize in indigenous plants.  When purchasing indigenous plants it is important that you buy plants that have a provenance as close as possible to your local area.  A 'local provenance' means that the plant is grown from seed collected locally.  Indigenous plants with a local provenance are best adapted to the local climate and conditions.  Maintaining local provenance also ensures that the genetic diversity of indigenous vegetation is protected.


Planting Native Vegetation on Roadsides

Planting native vegetation can produce numerous positive outcomes, from providing habitat for wildlife to creating buffers from wind and weather.

Prior approval is required from Council to plant vegetation on a Council managed roadside. This is to ensure that the project is well planned, that the most appropriate species have been selected and that planting will not impact on traffic sight lines or other council maintenance activities.

If you're interested in planting on a roadside please complete this form and a council officer will contact you.

Planting Native Vegetation on Roadsides application(PDF, 291KB)

Native Vegetation Removal Permits

All native vegetation is protected by State and Federal legislation, whether it be a grass, wildflower, orchid, shrub or tree. 

A planning permit is required to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation, including dead native vegetation unless it meets one of the exemptions specified in the Corangamite Shire Planning Scheme the particular provision being Clause 52.17 NATIVE VEGETATION(PDF, 248KB).

This guide from DELWP, Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation(PDF, 2MB), provides information to assist in understanding the Planning Scheme clause on Native Vegetation.

You should always check with Council to determine if you need a permit before removing or lopping any native vegetation.