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This policy sets out Council's enforcement of local laws relating to animals kept on urban and rural areas. This also includes allowances for fair and reasonable use of land, as well as a focus on maintaining optimal animal welfare.

This policy ensures Council borrows funds in a sustainable and legally compliant manner, with objectives and principles that outline appropriateness of borrowing consistent with the Local Government Act 2020. This policy also ensures borrowings are assessed in a case-by-case manner, facilitating cash flow while also protecting against debt risks.

This policy defines Council's approach to business continuity management and the principles by which business continuity plans will be developed and maintained. This policy is supported by the Business Continuity Framework, which provides the mechanism for the development of possible capacity and associated plans.

This policy provides an organisational approach to preventing and responding to child abuse and to ensure compliance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards, which aim to keep children safe from child abuse when they access services or activities provided by organisations.

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