Disability access

Disabled Parking Application

Victoria is transitioning to the new Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme and online administration system.

Corangamite Shire has transitioned to the new APP Scheme. Our residents and organisations who require a new permit, or need to renew or replace a permit, will need to apply through the new application process.

The new APP Scheme will streamline the application process, making it easier, simpler and consistent across the state. The new permit also will better align with the COAG 2010 Australian Disability Parking Permit Scheme (ADPS).

Improvements to the Scheme include:

  • introduction of temporary permits for 6, 12 or 24 months,
  • increased permit length, from 3 years to 5 years for individuals
  • introduction of a permanent disability classification, so reassessments are not required for some people’s future permit renewals,
  • a new single and secure state-wide permit design that will reduce the misuse of permits,
  • the inclusion of occupational therapists as assessors, in addition to GPs, and
  • Double Time (green permits) and permits for organisations will continue under the new scheme.

How to Apply

Individual applicant – renewing or applying for a new permit

  1. Start your application online at accessibleparking.vic.gov.au
  2. You’ll receive an application reference number via SMS*
  3. Take your reference number to your GP or occupational therapist
  4. Your GP or occupational therapist will complete an online assessment and submit your application
  5. Your local council will review the application
  6. If your application is successful, you’ll receive your permit in the mail.

*A paper-based version of the application is available if you don’t have access to a mobile phone or the internet. Please contact our customer service centre if you require a paper form.

Organisation – renewing or applying for a new permit

  1. Start your application online at accessibleparking.vic.gov.au
  2. You’ll receive an application reference number via SMS and email
  3. Your local council will review the application
  4. If your application is successful, you’ll pick up your permit at the council.

Replacing an Existing Permit

  1. Start your replacement application online at accessibleparking.vic.gov.au
  2. You’ll receive a replacement application reference number via SMS and email
  3. Your local council will review the application
  4. If your application is successful, you’ll pick up the permit from your council.



Corangamite Shire Access Guide 

The Corangamite Shire Access Guide provides information on the accessible features located in the towns of the Corangamite Shire. Features include accessible toilets and parking. 

access-guide.jpg(PDF, 1MB)



12 Apostles Accessibility Guide

The 12 Apostles Accessibility Guide provides information on the accessible features located at the 12 Apostles and surrounding area. Features include accessible toilets, parking, accommodation and tourist locations.





One & All Inclusive Events Program


A One & All Inclusive Event is an event endorsed by the Rural Access program. Criteria are based on event planning, ease of access to the festival/event, ease of movement around the festival/event, signage, toilets and other facilities, and promotion of improved access to patrons.


Access for All Abilities

Reclink Australia is funded by the Access for All Abilities program to act as the first point of call for people with disabilities looking for sporting opportunities, through the provision of Access for All Abilities Play.

AAA Play is a free information and referral service. Visit the AAA Play website or call today to discover the range of sports and active recreation activities close to your home for people of all abilities.

AAA Play
Ph: 1800 222 842
Email: request@aaavic.org.au



Scooter Recharge Scheme


The Scooter Recharge Scheme provides power points for emergency charging of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. Recharge stickers are displayed on the windows of the participating businesses so you can easily find them.  There are also recharge stickers placed above or near power points so you can quickly locate which power point has been designated for you to use.

Recharge points are provided as a community service and the operation of the recharge facility and security of mobility aids remains the user's responsibility.

Click here to download the brochure.(PDF, 586KB)


Welcoming Business Program


A ‘Welcoming Business’ is a business endorsed by Corangamite Shire’s Rural Access Program. To receive Welcoming Business endorsement, the business must satisfy a set of minimum standards relating to physical access, communication and customer service.



Portable Accessible Toilet

portable-accessible-toilets.pngA portable accessible toilet is available for hire for community events.


Download the booking form here(PDF, 46KB)


Assistive Equipment


Additional assistive equipment is available for hire from Council for community events. Equipment includes portable access ramps, assistive hearing equipment and signage. Please contact the Rural Access Project Officer for further information.



Health & Wellbeing Plan

The Corangamite Shire Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025 provides a strategic framework for addressing some of the key health and wellbeing issues that have been identified by our community. The Plan addresses the specific needs of priority populations within Corangamite Shire including people with a disability. 




Companion Card


The Corangamite Shire is an affiliate of the Companion Card scheme. Companion cards are available for people with a disability who require a companion to enable them to access community activities.

For more information visit www.companioncard.org.au


Concession Cards


Further information is available about a range of concession cards available to the community including the Carers Card, Companion Card, Seniors Card and Can’t Wait Card. 

Download our flyer for more information(PDF, 124KB).(PDF, 124KB)



National Relay Service (NRS)


Council's commitment to access and inclusion means making sure that people with disability can take part in our consultations and be kept informed of our activities and decisions.
If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can call through the National Relay Service (NRS):

  • TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 03 5593 7100
  • Speak & Listen (speech-to-speech) users can phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 03 5593 7100
  • Internet relay users can connect to the NRS on www.relayservice.com.au then ask for 03 5593 7100

For more information visit www.relayservice.gov.au

Disability Inclusion Action Plan 

Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan aims to reduce barriers for those living with a disability within Corangamite Shire. 

Access the plan here(PDF, 15MB)