Ageing and Inclusion

Council provides services to support the frail aged and those with a disability to continue living in their own homes and to be actively involved in their community.

Council services are funded through the following programs:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Program
  • Veterans’ Home Care
  • Home and Community Care Program for Younger People
  • Contracted and
  • Self-funded services

Client Handbook


Global Centre for Modern Ageing

Charter of Aged Care Rights

You have a right to receive high quality care and services and to always be treated with respect and dignity. 

These rights and more are protected by the Charter of Aged Care Rights. The Charter provides the same rights to all consumers. These rights apply no matter what type of Australian Government funded aged care services you receive. 

It is a good idea for you and those involved in your care to familiarise yourself with your rights. All providers of Australian Government funded aged care must comply with the Charter.

Charter of Aged Care Rights

Rights & Responsibilities