Work on the original Lismore Plan started in June 2011 and concluded in March 2012. It was based on community survey and a public meeting that involved an estimated 118 people in total. The Plan listed 26 priority projects. Six referred to State Government policy issues, three to Council works programs, and two to private business interests. The balance were potential community projects or partnerships with Corangamite Shire.

Lismore’s community plan was revised in 2016 and currently lists 30 wide-ranging priorities for township development, from heating the town’s swimming pool to creating local employment opportunities. This revised list was based on two community surveys involving 107 responses.

Top priorities include:

  1. Develop heated swimming pool
  2. Develop walking/cycling trails (in process)
  3. Improve town entrances
  4. Upgrade the school/ community bus (completed)
  5. Secure improved health services
  6. More community activities/ involvement (ongoing)
  7. Upgrade public toilets
  8. Town promotion