Frequently asked questions

How does the application process work?

The application process requires that the following information must be submitted to Council:

  • A completed, signed application form
  • Lodgement of the application fee
  • A locality plan
  • A site plan of the proposed installation
  • A copy of the site Land Capability Assessment (if applicable).  Please see the Land Capability Assessment Guidelines below for further information.

The Environmental Health Officer (EHO) performs as many as three (3) inspections of each system installed.  These inspections include:

  1. An initial site inspection after receipt by Council of the application
  2. An inspection of the septic tank during the installation process
  3. A final inspection when the system is completed

After the final inspection, the EHO will ask for a Plumbers Industry Certificate of Compliance.  Once this has been received, an Approval to Use will be issued.  Please read this Approval to Use carefully and abide to its conditions.

It is your responsibility to manage the wastewater from your septic system and/or treatment plant!


From 1 July 2021, permit fees for Onsite Waste Management Systems (OWMS) are prescribed by the EPA under the Environment Protection Regulations 2021 and Environment Protection Act 2017. Fees are updated with the financial year and the following fees and charges are valid until 30 June 2025.

 Construct, install or alter OWMS

 Minor Alterations to OWMS
(minor alteration means alteration
that consists only of the installation,
replacement or relocation of the internal
pumping, fixtures or fittings of an OWMS).

 Additional OWMS inspections


$99.90 per hour where Council's
 assessment exceeds 8.2 hours and
 not exceeding 
a maximum of $2,211.57

 Transfer a Permit $0*
 Renew a Permit $32.00*
 Amend a Permit
(changing plumber details only)
 Amend a Permit
(all other amendments except changing
the plumber details)

 *Council is waiving part or all of these prescribed fees.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of Council's Environmental Health Officers on 5593 7100.

Domestic Wastewater System Contribution Program

The DWSCP aims to provide a financial incentive for the development of new housing in the Shire on lots in township areas that are not serviced by a reticulated sewage system.

This includes the towns of Darlington, Derrinallum, Skipton, Lismore, Noorat and Princetown.

The program has been developed in response to feedback provided to Council, that the high costs associated with wastewater treatment on small blocks in these towns is a barrier to development.

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