Primary production is an important part of the Corangamite Shire economy.

Livestock on roads pose a great danger to motorists.  If you own or provide agistment for livestock, you must set up and maintain adequate fencing so the animals you keep on your land cannot escape. Council may impound your stock if they escape from your property. Officers can also impound livestock from within your property if there is a risk of them wandering and endangering public safety.

Charges for wandering livestock

Wandering livestock may be impounded and a livestock impoundment fee charged per head plus transport costs. Additional daily holding and feed charges also apply. Fines might also apply. For more information about confining your livestock contact the Local Laws Officers on 5593 7100.

Stock on Roads and Roadside Grazing

Without a permit, livestock must not be allowed on roads unless they are being driven a short distance or being moved directly across the road, but permits are required to graze stock on roadsides.

The following local laws apply when moving stock on or across a public access roadway:

  • All livestock movement across the road or along the road must be supervised and be under effective control at all time.
  • Signs conforming to VicRoads guidelines need to be in place while livestock is moved and removed directly after.
  • Livestock should only be moved across or along the roadway during daylight hours.
  • Any livestock deposits on roads or pavements which could cause a hazard to other road users must be removed as soon as possible.

Livestock grazing permits and livestock droving permits are available from Council for 6-12 month periods and conditions apply.

You can apply for Grazing Permits online or for further information contact the Council’s Local Laws Officers on 5593 7100. 

'Give Way to Stock' signs

Motorists must take particular care when 'Give Way to Stock' signs are displayed by farmers when they do have stock on roads.  Victoria Police are able to prosecute drivers who fail to stop or give way.  If you see a stock warning sign, slow down to a speed where you can avoid hitting an animal.  If you see a 'Give Way to Stock' sign displayed at a cattle crossing, you must stop before the crossing and not proceed until all stock have completed crossing.

Remember to:

  • never sound your horn when stock are crossing as it may frighten the animals
  • watch the person in control of the stock as they may give you advice
  • look out for working dogs as they will be watching the stock and not your car.


What if I find unattended stock on the road?

Stock wandering on the road can be a risk to road users. If you find wandering stock on roads other than Regional Road Victoria's main roads, you can contact:

Corangamite Shire

Business hours:  5593 7100

After hours (emergency):  5593 7100 and follow the prompts

For stock on a main road, call VicRoads: 13 11 70

Victorian Police - 24 hours:  000