Drop off your glass at a Transfer Station


There is now a better way to recycle glass bottles and jars and improve our recycled materials!

All Council Transfer Stations will now accept glass bottles and jars separately from co-mingled recycling bin. These upgrades have been funded by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, to meet the targets in the Circular Economy (Waste and Recycling) Act 2021.

Council is introducing a separate glass service to prevent contamination to other recycling with broken glass. The benefits include:

  1. Improvement to the recycling process
  2. Recovery of more resources
  3. Better recycling outcomes (recycled into higher value products, not down cycling)
  4. Save Money – less materials going to landfill
  5. Reduce greenhouse gases

Glass will no longer be able to go in the co-mingled recycling bin with paper and plastics as glass breakages contaminate other recyclable material with glass splinters. Glass put in the same bin as paper, cardboard and plastics can contaminate an entire recycling load. The glass splinters not only render other materials useless but interfere with machinery.

Under this new service, glass will be collected and consolidated by Council's contractors Wheelie Waste. In the early stages of the glass service Council expects that glass will be crushed and repurposed as road base. Council hopes that over time as residents transition to sorting their glass that the glass stream will have little to no contamination and be suitable to send to a glass beneficiation plant to be recycled back into glass bottles and jars.

Like other materials there will be charges to cover the cost of transport and processing.

The four-stream recycling system is a key part of the Government's waste and recycling reforms which will help meet our goal of diverting 80 per cent of all material away from landfill by 2030. 

If you have a kerbside comingled recycling service, you can still put glass in the yellow lidded recycling bin while we transition to a glass only service. A purple lidded glass bin will be rolled out in early 2024.

What glass is accepted?

Glass bottles and jars can be taken to the drop-off points to be recycled.

This includes:

  • Glass sauce bottles
  • Glass condiment jars (spreads, jams, preserves etc)
  • Pickle jars
  • Wine bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Glass soft drink bottles
  • Glass medicine bottles

Please give items a light rinse if necessary, remove all lids or corks and remember to place items in the skip bin loose.

What is NOT accepted in the glass bin?

Only glass bottles and jars can be accepted for the best outcome of turning glass back into glass. If other types of glass or ceramics are added it becomes contamination. For example, window glass and pyrex have different melting points and cannot be turned into bottles or jars, and if present will cause fractures and abnormalities in the new product.

These items should be donated, disposed of at transfer stations, or placed in your general waste bin.

This includes:

  • Drinking or wine glasses
  • Plate glass, window glass, fish tank glass, glass doors, car windshields
  • Pyrex or glass containers
  • Glass bakeware or ovenware
  • Dinnerware, ceramics or stoneware of any kind
  • Perfume bottles
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Art materials or crystal Vases

Check our A-Z Kerbside Waste guide and Where Can I Dispose of... guide to learn how best to dispose of the above items.

How much will it cost to drop-off glass?

2023-2024 fees will be as follows:

All prices include GST.

  • Bag: $1.40
  • Wheelie Bin/Car Boot: $2.20
  • Level Trailer or Ute (6 x 4): $8.60
  • Heaped Trailer or Ute (6 x 4): $12.90
  • Level Tandem Trailer (8 x 5): $13.80
  • Heaped Tandem Trailer (8 x 5): $22.40

View all Waste Disposal Fees and Charges.

When are residents getting a kerbside glass bin?

Glass bins have been ordered for kerbside residents. Council will be working with the contractor to roll out the bins in February for the first glass collection to take place in March 2024.

Is this the same as the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS)?

Corangamite Shire Transfer Stations are not refund points of the Container Deposit scheme.

You can learn more about the CDS and nearest deposit locations here.