What is a planning scheme

A planning scheme is a legal document that sets out policies and provisions that determine how land can be used, developed and/or protected within a Shire.  Every local government area in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme that provides a framework to guide development in locations where it will maximise benefits to the community as a whole, while minimising negative impacts.

The Corangamite Planning Scheme consists of:

  • Maps that identify zones and overlays;
  • Written text explaining what each zone and overlay means and what planning policies and other provisions apply;
  • Incorporated documents referenced by the scheme, but not included.

Under the Corangamite Planning Scheme all land is zoned for a particular purpose. For example, residential, commercial, industrial, farming or recreation. Each zone indicates the type of uses allowed on the land, as well as controls relating to buildings and subdivisions.

As well as the requirements of the zone, further planning provisions may apply to a property or an area of land through the application of an overlay. Overlays apply to issues such as heritage, vegetation protection, significant landscape and bushfire management. Multiple overlays may apply to a property and many overlays have schedules to specify local objectives and requirements.

You can Contact a Planner to determine what zone and/or overlay(s) affects your property within the Corangamite Shire and, in turn, how this information can impact upon different use and development proposals. Alternatively you can view the Corangamite Planning Scheme online or follow the resource links below to obtain your own property reports and learn more about how Victorian planning schemes work.