What is Council doing to be Sustainable?

Council is committed to reducing its energy and water usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Council undertakes Energy and Water Audits at its offices, depots and community facilities to assess what changes can be made to improve the water and energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The following sites have been assessed:

  • Corangamite Shire Civic Centre
  • Camperdown Depot
  • Camperdown Community Centre (including Theatre, Library and Killara Centre)
  • Camperdown Stadium
  • Timboon Stadium
  • Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre

Council is continually working towards implementing recommended changes, which include upgrades to lighting, installing 5 star energy and water rated appliances, draft proofing, installing solar hot water and solar power and improvements to heating and cooling systems.

Continual audits are undertaken and changes implemented to further assist Council to reduce greenhouse emissions and energy and water usage at other Council-owned facilities.

Council's Environment Department with the help of Council staff work to identify and implement change to the organisation to reduce our energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable Energy

Council recently installed Solar Power at the Civic Centre and Camperdown Depot.

The Civic Centre has a 29.64kW system which includes 158 Noah Energy 195 W Monocrystalline panels mounted on two roofs with two SMA Tripower inverters.  It is estimated that the Civic Centre system will generate over 44,500 kWh of electricity annually, which is 20% of the facility's current energy use.

The Camperdown Depot has a 5.85kW system which includes 30 Noah Energy 195 W Monocrytstalline panels mounted on the stores shed roofs with one SMA Tripower inverter.  It is estimated that the Depot system will generate over 8.500kWh of electricity which is 8% of the facility's current energy use.

Sustainable Purchasing

As a member of the Eco-Buy program, Council strives to consider the environmental credentials of products prior to purchasing.  Council is committed to increasing the purchasing of 'green' products that are:

  • Watersaving
  • Recycled
  • Energy saving
  • Low-toxicity
  • Refurbished and second hand

Purchasing green products improves resource efficiency, reduces waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water use, and saves Council money.

Visit the Eco-Buy website for more information about the Eco-Buy program.

How you can be more sustainable at home...


  • Household energy action guide: The Household energy action guide offers simple, cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills by taking action around your home.
  • Save energy in the home: Sustainability Victoria have developed a guide to help you take steps to reduce your household’s energy use
  • Your Home: Australia's Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes
  • Solar Guides: The Clean Energy Council offers free guides on buying solar. Available for both households and businesses, these solar guides cover the important information you need to know when purchasing rooftop solar.

Home Energy and Water Efficiency Kits


These kits are available to borrow at our libraries and can help you understand your energy use and take measures to reduce your household energy consumption.

The Home Energy and Water Efficiency Kits include:

  • Power-Mate Lite: shows how much electricity an appliance is using and what this is costing you.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera: shows where hot and cold areas are around you house. It highlights areas where draughts, water leaks and missing insulation might be present.
  • Energy Saving Thermometer: shows the appropriate operating temperature for heating, cooling, hot water service, fridge and freezer. It will inform you if you need to adjust your settings.
  • Water-Flow Measuring Cup: this will tell you the flow of you shower and taps in litres per minute.


  • Green Vehicle Guide: An Australian Government initiative to assist buyers on the environmental performance of light vehicles sold in Australia to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Truck Buyers Guide: An Australian Government initiative to help in choosing a small or medium size truck or commercial vehicle to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fuel efficiency and CO2 labelling: All new light vehicles in Australia are required to display a label indicating the vehicle's fuel consumption and its carbon dioxide emissions, designed to help motorists make informed choices about the environmental impact of their new car.