Gellibrand River Estuary


The Gellibrand River estuary is a salt wedge bar built estuary, which has a sand bar at the entrance to the ocean.  Extending as far as the tidal influence of the ocean, the estuary reaches 14km upstream and creates widespread flooding when the river mouth closes due to low flow.

The area supports rare and threatened fauna species and includes significant archaeological and historical sites.  It also offers nature-based recreational experiences focusing on the river, wetlands, rural scenery and coastline.

Six of the local bird species are considered endangered:  Little Egret, Great Egret, Australasian Bittern, Powerful Owl, Lewin's Rail and the Hooded Plover.

Supporting 24 native species of fish, the Gellibrand River is matched in diversity by the wilderness streams of East Gippsland alone and represents an important recreational fishery.  Four species of Galaxias, two of Lamprey and the best population of blackfish in Victoria are among the fish found in the river.  Significant migration, spawning and rearing of species such as eels, bream, tupong and mullet are known to occur.

The area is ideal for nature based, passive activities such as sightseeing, cycling, walking and bird watching.  Public amenities are available at nearby Princetown.

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