Skipton Structure Plan

Submissions closed on 01 May 2024, 06:00 PM

A drone image of the Skipton town, there is a bright yellow canola field at the bottom of the image, and the town is surrounded by lush green farmland.

Council is committed to supporting Skipton’s future by creating sustainable communities, through the development of a Structure Plan for the town.

The key aims of the Skipton Structure Plan (the Structure Plan) is to plan for and develop a shared vision for the town, including identifying the type and amount of land use change projected within the town.

The structure plan is a tool to help manage, influence and facilitate change within the town in accordance with the directions of planning policy, and responds to increased community interest regarding long-term planning and future growth opportunities. The Structure Plan will consider all land within the town boundary, and include discussion of future growth areas, where the town boundary might be expanded.

A Strategic Development Plan was undertaken for Skipton in 2001 and Council are now at the point in which the land use planning framework is outdated and no longer aligned with State and regional planning policy.

The revised Draft Structure Plan has now been prepared and is available for community feedback.  The Plan can be downloaded here:

Download the draft Skipton Structure Plan(PDF, 5MB)

What we've heard so far...

Upon completion of the background analysis and technical reviews for the project, including a summary of the issues and opportunities facing the town, community consultation was undertaken in August-September 2023.   

The consultation period included a series of face-to-face and online methods to engage the community of Skipton, as well as the wider Corangamite Shire area, to better understand their aspirations and hopes for the future of the area.

The results of the community engagement process for the Skipton Structure Plan provided an insightful overview of the community’s priorities and concerns for the future of the township.

The main issues raised by the community of Skipton included:

  • Skipton’s commercial sector is declining.
  • The threat of major flooding is discouraging commercial and residential investment.
  • The lack of public transport creates a barrier for resident mobility.
  • Lack of tourist opportunities.
  • Lack of employment opportunities.
  • Lack of housing supply and availability.

Draft Structure Plan

The Draft Structure Plan seeks to support the future growth and development of the town over a 15-20-year horizon. The Structure Plan for Skipton aims to help position the town to capitalise on future development opportunities and provide clear direction on sustainable change. It aims to direct and promote residential growth, protect the Mt Emu creek environs, and plan for the growth of commercial, industrial and tourism opportunities.

The Draft Structure Plan sets a vision, along with strategies, and a clear action plan, to implement a land use framework that provides the town with the strategic direction it requires to facilitate appropriate growth and support a thriving community.  

Have your say!

Council invites you to review the plan and provide your feedback. You can do this via the feedback box below or at our upcoming drop-in session.

Drop-in session
Drop-in and ask Council’s project team any questions you may have about the Draft Structure Plan
Wednesday 24 April, 3 - 7 pm
Skipton Mechanics Institute Hall

Feedback closes Monday 6 May at 5 pm.