Planning Scheme Amendment C59 - Cobden Structure Plan

Submissions closed on 19 June 2023, 05:00 PM

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Planning Scheme amendment

As the planning authority, Corangamite Shire is preparing a planning scheme amendment to implement the Cobden Structure Plan 2022, the Victorian Government residential zone reforms in Cobden, and the Cobden Aerodrome Masterplan 2022.

The amendment applies to land in and around Cobden. The amendment also specifies land to be rezoned and where new planning overlays will be applied, including Cobden Aerodrome.

A fact sheet is available here(PDF, 2MB).

You can view the amendment documentation here.

What are we doing?

On 20 December 2022 Council adopted the Cobden Structure Plan, following feedback from the Cobden community. The structure plan identifies how Cobden will change and grow over the next 15-20 years.

The structure plan for Cobden ensures land use planning and development is meeting community needs and maximising opportunities for sustainable growth in Cobden. The Plan builds on what is good about Cobden whilst also considering regional growth strategies, the Cobden Twenty 20 Vision Community Plan and the impact of broader economic changes, including as a result of COVID-19.

View the structure plan here.(PDF, 33MB)

The proposal

The amendment ensures land use planning and development in Cobden is meeting community needs and maximising opportunities for sustainable growth.

The proposed planning scheme changes include: 

  • Amending the local policy to include key elements from the Structure Plan and Aerodrome Masterplan.
  • Rezoning most existing General Residential Zone and land on the edges of Cobden land to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone.
  • Rezoning land to correct anomalies identified through the preparation of the Structure Plan.
  • Applying the Airport Environs Overlay and Design and Development Overlay around Cobden Aerodrome to protect its ongoing operation.
  • Applying the Design and Development Overlay to land at 15 and 53 Cobden-Stonyford Road to support residential growth area coordination and planning. 

What are the new zones and overlays?

Neighbourhood Residential Zone

Identifies minimal change areas where single dwellings prevail. These areas often have an identifiable neighbourhood character or environmental or landscape significance. The maximum building height is 9 metres (and no more than two storeys).

Airport Environs Overlay

Identifies areas subject to moderate and high aircraft noise and provides requirements to respond to those noise conditions. The Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) and Australian Standards give guidance for determining an appropriate boundary.

Design and Development Overlay

Identifies areas where specific built form outcomes are desired. Performance-based requirements are preferred to prescriptive requirements.


Have your say

You can attend Council’s Drop-in Session if you would like further information about the amendment or the amendment process.  

Tuesday 16 May 2023, 3-7 pm 

Heytesbury Room
Cobden Civic Hall
53-55 Victoria Street

You can make a submission up until 5 pm, Monday 19 June 2023.

  • By post to:    
    Planning Department
    Corangamite Shire Council
    PO Box 84
    Camperdown 3260


A planning scheme is a legal document that sets out policies and provisions that determine how land can be used, developed and/or protected within a Shire.

The Corangamite Planning Scheme includes:

  • vision, strategic direction & planning policy
  • maps that identify zones and overlays
  • written text explaining what each zone and overlay means and what planning policies and other provisions apply
  • incorporated documents referenced by the scheme, but not included.

Under the Corangamite Planning Scheme all land is zoned for a particular purpose. For example, residential, commercial, industrial, farming or recreation. Each zone indicates the type of uses allowed on the land, as well as controls relating to buildings and subdivisions.

A planning scheme amendment is a process that seeks to change sections of the Corangamite Planning Scheme to implement Council’s strategic projects and introduce planning policies that are up to date and best reflect Shire policies.

An amendment can include a change to a planning scheme map through the rezoning of land or the introduction of an overlay, a change to a written part of the scheme, including local policies, studies and strategies, or both.

The process for changing a planning scheme is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Further information about the amendment process and the formal steps undertaken by Council can be found on the department’s website here.