Grow and Prosper Corangamite

Six colour squares overlapping - green, berry red, lavender, black, butter yellow and sky blue. Text reads: Grow & Prosper Corangamite

A new ‘Grow and Prosper Corangamite’ will bring together economic development, tourism, arts and culture and events and festivals strategies.

The aim is to ensure Council has a strategy that serves our Shire's unique needs, opportunities, and aspirations. Council staff will work with the community and industry sectors to determine exactly what businesses, artists and other stakeholders aspire to and how we can make it happen.  

While Grow and Prosper has been initiated by Corangamite Shire Council, it encapsulates the ideas, aspirations and knowledge of our businesses, creatives and the broader community. It is a framework and actions made with you, not for you.

The new plan will contain specific action plans for six key areas:  

  • visitor economy
  • creative industries
  • circular economy
  • events and festivals
  • population attraction and retention
  • specific industry sectors (agriculture, manufacturing, building, health, education, small business, retail etc).

The Discussion Paper

Grow and Prosper Discussion Paper May 2023(PDF, 3MB)

This document is a draft that brings together ideas and concepts intended to spark conversation and generate debate. It contains elements which we will use to inform the Framework and the Action Plans. 

This Discussion Paper is designed to propose a series of economic development indicators, measures and benchmarks that Council can use to assess the broader economic health and wellbeing of the community in the form of the Grow and Prosper Corangamite Framework

When reading this document, we ask you to think about a series of questions under three themes, namely Stimulators, Measures and Actions. You can provide your answers to these questions via the survey below. 

The Framework

Grow and Prosper Framework 2023 - 2033(PDF, 339KB)

The Framework provides Council and community with a mechanism to take the Prosperity theme, contained in the Corangamite Community Vision 2040, and convert it into tangible actions and measurable outcomes.

The Framework brings together the ideas and concepts explored in the Grow and Prosper Discussion Paper (May 2023) and generated through research, community and business engagement and co-design workshops.

In conjunction with the Discussion Paper it consolidates Council’s approach to economic and community development, inclusive of arts, culture, tourism and the circular economy, for the next ten years - 2023 to 2033.