Great South Coast Regional Digital Strategy

Submissions closed on 22 May 2022, 05:00 PM


Digital technologies are changing the way we work, the way we live, play, communicate.

For business, digital technology is about the creation of new jobs, it’s the decline of others due to automation, it's changing the nature of how we work (working from home, on the road, teams meetings and zooms etc), and it's about increasing opportunities on a global scale. We are shifting our business practices. The dairy industry has also embraced new digital technologies, even cows have ‘fitbits’ these days.

For us as a community, digital has changed the way we can interact with each other, its staying connected through social media, facetime, video conferencing and emails. Its no longer sending a Christmas card – but a text message or email or ‘Gif’. Its also helping aged care technologies so people can stay at home longer.

Digital affects us all, we buy online, we apply for permits online, we have 3D printers, but we also have black spots and times when digital fails.

Corangamite Shire,  in conjunction with Warrnambool City & Moyne Shire, is excited to begin the development of a Regional Digital Strategy in consultation and collaboration with our communities.

A digital region leverages digital technologies to enhance liveability, sustainability, connectivity, and the overall productivity of a city.  It encourages innovation within the community and uses digital solutions to manage services and infrastructure effectively.  Ultimately it encourages improved wellbeing, enhanced environmental outcomes and a thriving local economy. 

This survey aims to obtain your views, ideas and insights regarding the Regional Digital Strategy for the City of Warrnambool and Shire of Moyne and Corangamite.  Your input will help shape the priorities and directions of the Strategy, and ensures it meets the needs and addresses the concerns of individual communities as well as the broader region. 

The survey will close on Sunday 15 May.