Domestic Animal Management Plan

Submissions closed on 23 July 2021, 06:00 PM

DAM Plan

Council is currently developing a new four-year Domestic Animal Management Plan. 

To help develop the plan, Council would like to know the issues that affect the community in regard to domestic animals - with particular reference to dogs and cats. 

Council currently have 2751 dogs and 1047 cats on the books and the hope is the Plan will lay out guidelines for welfare of these animals. To help develop a comprehensive plan, we need to know the relevant issues that affect the community, in particular with dogs and cats. The plan will also help ensure Council’s resources and training are adequate to provide effective animal control services.

We also want to hear your ideas on what can be done to address these issues. 

Council promotes and encourages responsible ownership of dogs and cats; for safety purposes and to minimise the potential for animals to create a nuisance.