Profession opportunities

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Whether you work from home, an office, on the land or on the tools, Corangamite is blessed by a diverse economic base underpinned by committed local government, health, community, and social services sectors.  

As the largest employer, agriculture and the agricultural services sector has shown sustained growth over time. Evolution and revolution within this industry drives demand for new skills and support industries as smart farm technologies, agronomy and harvesting advances are embraced across the region.

The dairy transport and manufacturing industry is a major employer and economic catalyst in towns throughout the Shire.

Tourism is recovering post COVID and drives complimentary economic growth and investment as part of the Great Ocean Road and Volcanic Lakes and Plains marketing regions. As well as providing facility and amenity for our domestic and international visitors, tourism delivers a host of services and opportunities that are embraced and utilised by our local communities.

In 2021, Corangamite had 1.6% unemployment rate, with 60.9% of persons aged over 15 years employed.

If you are looking for career progression or a work-life change, check out our feature industries including the job opportunities available at the Shire, and be sure to tap into the knowledge and support of Business Corangamite to plant the seed for your new venture.



Blessed with natural abundance from the coast to our volcanic lakes and mounts, it is the fertile soils of Corangamite Shire that underpin agriculture as our largest employer.  

Ever dreamt of a life more connected to the land, rising with the sun, working with animals?  

As a key contributor to the regional, state, and national economy the dairy industry is an early embracer of new technology and systems. From farm to markets near and far, dairy draws on compatible skill sets from many industries and may be a perfect fit for you!

Reliable rainfall, temperature and soil variety from north to south is supportive of a variety of agricultural uses and investment in food and fibre.

Working collaboratively to achieve efficiency, Corangamite Shire is part of the Great South Coast. Our region is renowned for producing high quality dairy, wool, beef, prime lamb, seafood crops and grain. With rising global food demand, agriculture presents a range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities.

Dairy Australia hosts a Jobs Board where you can seek employment - Jobs | Dairy Australia. There is also Facebook sites where you can search for agriculture and dairy work - South West (Australia) Relief Milkers | Facebook.

Healthcare and Social Assistance

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For your health and ours.

How well are you looking after you? Work life balance in healthcare is critical and a move to Corangamite can assist to balance the scale in your favour without compromising your ability to make a difference.

With a range of opportunities and vacancies across the health, allied health and social services sector in Corangamite, your next career move could make a real difference for you and your family too. 

We have a large range of services with Southwest Healthcare hosting campuses in Camperdown and Lismore, the David Newman Adult Cay Centre, Merindah Lodge (redevelopment has commenced in 2023), Cobden Health, Timboon and District Healthcare Service and Terang and Mortlake Healthcare Service. There are over 7 community health centres, disability and mental health services, dentists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, vision, hearing, nutrition and diabetes services. We have a listing and contacts for our various doctor clinics and allied health services that you can find here.

Check out the available employment opportunities at Southwest Healthcare, Terang and Mortlake Health Services, Cobden Health and Timboon and District Healthcare Service they would love to welcome you into their community, and we would like to welcome you to ours.

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Nurturing our most precious future.

Education is valued in our community. Local schools and teachers actively utilise industry and community groups to support innovative and locally relevant curriculum outcomes.

If you are seeking employment in the education sector, there are plenty of options available. We are host to primary and secondary schools in most towns, a specialist school, an agricultural college, a school for student leadership and a network of early learning centres.

As a shire we actively collaborate with teachers across the education sector. Council officers and Councillors themselves are encouraged to step into the classroom to listen, learn, and present at the request of our teachers.

We proudly directly engage with schools through the roles of our Youth Engagement Officer, and Freeza and Events Officer.

We all work in the space of engaging our children and youth ensuring our future is bright, our kids are valued, visible and heard.   

An example of how fabulous our teachers and schools are, is a really successful and unique program run by the Timboon P-12 School, called the Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP). TAP was formed as a partnership between the school, the agricultural industry, the businesses and the surrounding community. You can find out more about TAP here:Timboon Ag Project and TAP Case Study.

Tourism and Hospitality

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With iconic natural attractions, broad horizons, welcoming townships and fresh local produce, it may come as no surprise that tourism and hospitality is a major and growing regional employer.

There is something special about living and working in a region that attracts visitors from around the globe. Employment in tourism and hospitality offers many residents the daily chance to view their community through the fresh eyes of those that have travelled from afar.

Be warned though if you work at a café you will also have to deal with sandy footed, beaming locals with wet hair fresh from the ocean or fishing at a local lake. Don’t worry you will get your chance on your next day off.

If a social, team oriented busy career path sounds right for you, you may have come to the right place at exactly the right time.

Corangamite Shire has significant tourism developments in planning and under construction. It is clear our tourism and hospitality sector will need to dramatically increase its workforce in the next 3 years and beyond. This will create a host of positions from construction and building services to front of house, maintenance, management, and marketing.


You can look for hospitality and tourism work in the linked job websites below. Good luck - your perfect job awaits, and so does your perfect coffee!

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The food product manufacturing sub-sector is the largest and one of the most specialised for the Great South Coast region, with high employment concentrations. Manufacturing is the second largest generator of economic output for Corangamite Shire, with $511 million. Manufacturing is also well supported with transportation corridors via road and rail available and our location along 4 major roadways, being the Princes Highway, Hamilton Highway, Glenelg Highway and the Great Ocean Road. 

If you are seeking a role in manufacturing there are many employers in the area, including Camperdown International Dairy, Australian Nutritional Solutions, Bushman Tanks, Fonterra, Schulz Organic Dairy, Timboon Distillery and A'Becketts Cooperage, just to name a few.


Trades and Construction

The trades and construction industry is in demand in Corangamite, and if you generally have a love of the great outdoors, there is a job for you. For anyone looking to start their construction career, or make a career change, the construction industry has been experiencing a skills shortage within certain trades. With South West TAFE within an hour drive, there is potential here for you to grow.

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