Arts and Culture Strategy


Council has developed the Arts and Culture Plan 2016-2020 with an aim to offer something for everyone who lives, works, studies and creates in our Shire.

There are opportunities to explore our cultural identity and heritage, and for the community to participate in creative activities.  Through the plan, the artistic vitality of the region is celebrated, offering innovative strategies to extend engagement to those who may not typically get involved in arts and cultural activities.

The Plan has five themes across the spectrum of arts and culture to inspire activities which include:

  • Participation and Partnerships
  • Salt Water/Fresh Water Country
  • Creating in Corangamite
  • Enjoying Arts and Culture in Corangamite
  • Cultural Vitality
The plan would assist Council in any future decision-making involving arts and culture.

Arts and culture plays such an important role in the health and wellbeing of our communities and it’s one that crosses over different Council departments, making sure we provide leadership and supporting our communities to be creative is a major focus of the plan.