Lismore Public Art Project

Lismore sculpture: Artist, Jonathan Leahey (photo: Stephen D'Arcy)

Lismore's public art project is as much about celebrating Lismore's potential and looking forward as it is about looking into the town's past.  The three and a half metre high and five metre wide steel sculpture is an abstract of two bullock dray wheels and axles, and a tribute to the legend and Lismore's early settlers.

The story goes that Lismore was first settled in 1840 by John Brown who was travelling west in search of suitable land.  While crossing a creek, the axle of his bullock dray broke and he was forced to camp on the site where Lismore now stands.

From different vantage points the axles appear to form an X, which is a reference to the flag of Scotland and also recognises the many Scottish settlers that traversed the world to start a new life in Lismore.

Artist link: Jonathan Leahey