Common planning questions

What is the difference between a planning permit and a building permit?

Planning permits are different from building permits. Whereas planning permits are about using and/or developing land in a certain way, building permits relate to the method of construction used in building works.

If a planning permit is required for your proposal a building permit cannot be issued until after a planning permit is issued.

Contact a Planner to determine what type of permit/s you will need to undertake your proposal.

Can I build a second house on my property?

A planning permit is always required to build a second house on one lot in both urban and rural areas.

If you are thinking of lodging an application Contact a Planner first as a set of strict design controls and location criteria known as ResCode may apply. ResCode standards include key measures to protect neighbourhood character, amenity and environmentally sustainable residential development throughout Victoria.

Further information about ResCode requirements can be found by following the resource link.

Understanding the Residential Development Standards (ResCode)(PDF, 545KB) 

Can I build a granny flat on my property?

Finding a suitable home for someone who is dependent on you for daily care may be solved by putting a dependent person’s unit (sometimes called a granny flat) in your backyard.

This can be a good solution to keep the dependent person in familiar surroundings and retain everyone's privacy, yet at the same time making sure daily care can easily be provided.

If you are considering this option it is important to Contact a Planner first as there are strict guidelines in Corangamite’s Planning Scheme that must be met when applying for a permit. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • proving the person living in the unit is heavily reliant for their care on a person living permanently in the existing house on site;
  • purchasing a unit that can be easily removed from the property when the dependent person no longer lives there;
  • locating the unit close to the existing house on site for ease of access and care; and
  • ensuring the unit can be connected to services and has appropriate access.

A planner will be able to advise you further on application requirements that take into account your individual circumstances.

Can I build a shed on my property?

Many people want to build sheds on their property for storage of items typically associated with residential use, commercial/industrial use and agricultural use.

Whether or not you need a planning permit is dependent on how the land is zoned under the Corangamite Planning Scheme, whether any overlays apply to the land, where the shed is to be located on site, how large it will be and what materials are to be used.

Before ordering any materials or beginning construction you should Contact a Planner to discuss your shed proposal.

It is also advisable to Contact a Building Officer about any requirement for a Building Permit.

Can I subdivide my property?

Subdivision is the process that creates additional lots, provides for the realignment of title boundaries between sites, consolidates lots, allows for excision of dwellings, and creates and removes reserves or restrictions from a title (i.e. a restrictive covenant).

Subdivision of property

Can I remove vegetation from my property?

Often times you will need a planning permit to remove or prune trees and other vegetation from your property, particularly if the plants are native to Australia. Indigenous plants include trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses and include areas of bushland with trees, scattered paddock trees and treeless areas of scrub or grassland.

A permit application will generally need to demonstrate there is no other option but to remove the vegetation and that the impact of its removal on the surrounding landscapes and ecology of the area will be minimal.

If you are proposing to remove any type of vegetation first Contact a Planner to see if a permit is needed and what application requirements must be met.

Further information about native vegetation and State Government regulations and requirements surrounding its removal can be found by following the resource link.

Native Vegetation Information Management (NVIM)

Can I establish a business from my property?

A home based business, is a small business that is conducted in a dwelling or on the land around a dwelling by a resident of the dwelling.

Some businesses can be run from home without a planning permit but are subject to strict guidelines that aim to ensure the amenity of the neighbourhood is not adversely affected by the occupation conducted in, or from, that dwelling. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The type of business being proposed.
  • The parking of motor vehicles.
  • The transporting of materials or goods to or from the dwelling.
  • The hours of operation.
  • The storage of hazardous materials.
  • Emissions from the site.

Contact our Economic Development team before starting a home based business to find out if you need a planning permit. You may also wish to visit Business Victoria to learn more about establishing a business from your home.

Is a planning permit required for a Liquor Licence?

While the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation [VCGLR] issues all liquor licences in Victoria there are certain types of licence that require a planning permit be issued prior to a liquor licence being granted.

You can visit the VCGLR’s website below for information about all types of liquor licensing in Victoria and Contact a Planner about whether a planning permit is needed to use land to sell and/or consume liquor in the Corangamite Shire.

Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation