Subdivision of property

Subdivision is the process that creates additional lots, provides for the realignment of title boundaries between sites, consolidates lots, allows for excision of dwellings, and creates and removes reserves or restrictions from a title (ie. a restrictive covenant).

When considering subdivision it is always important to Contact a Planner as there can be big differences between subdivision in urban areas, where there is good access to services and facilities, and rural areas, where subdivision may be more challenging or not possible. A Planner will outline what application requirements must be met and what restrictions may apply to subdivision as prescribed under the Corangamite Planning Scheme.

Planning applications for subdivisions are typically lodged by a Licensed Land Surveyor on a client’s behalf. They are familiar with the steps involved in the subdivision process and should be registered to use an online system known as SPEAR to lodge applications and meet all relevant planning scheme requirements. A licensed land surveyor can be found by visiting:

Further information about subdivision, the application process and land surveyors can be found by following the resource links below: