New Business Profile - Alderwood Speakers

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Scott Wilkinson was only five when he set out on the path towards targeting global markets with cutting-edge speaker technology.

“I’d always had a passion since I was about five years old for speakers,” the Alderwood Speakers Director said. 

“I come from a family that really appreciates good quality audio.”

Scott handcrafts the Eros cube speaker, a range of sub-woofers and the light but powerful Pegasus micro PA at the old Mechanics Institute, Cobden. 

The revolutionary “constant throw technology” provides unparalleled clarity and projection that evenly cover large areas using fewer speakers.

“I developed this product over a three-year period,” Scott said.

“I used oversized components in it so I could produce what’s called a compression wave front. That helps throw further than normal so it’s like a standard soundwave except it’s packed with a lot more energy density.

“Included inside this is also an advanced dampening system that controls the cone motion at really high output, so the louder you turn the speaker up it actually just keeps getting better and better in terms of sound, rather than starting to lose it which a lot of speakers do once you get that little bit too loud.

“We find the Eros Cube is unique in that the one product is perfect for use as a vocal PA in a church, to put bands through, or home theatre, bars cafes, ballrooms as well.

“If you’re in a church you can hear the message that’s being said all the way up the back, and yet if you are at the front you don’t get blasted.”

Scott said as soon as someone strummed a guitar through it, they were sold, especially if it was a side-by-side comparison with more expensive systems.

“It’s a night and day difference between them.”

Scott has a valuable mentor and partner in former Austral Nylex Plastics and Fonterra International CEO Greg Beatty.

The retired executive comes to Cobden to fish and some friends told him to check out Alderwood. From which a mentorship and then business partnership was formed.

Because of their size and waterproofing rating, the cubes have been picked up by the boating industry and Alderwood is looking to get into caravans and heritage buildings where size and weight are important considerations.

Scott’s career has been a well-engineered path to accumulate the skills needed for his business.

After working for many years as a welder, he moved to Coprice where he was able to work “almost two jobs” to fund his initial work developing big tower speakers. 

He then worked at Toyota, both in acoustics and learning their production systems, and at audio manufacturer Quest Engineering in Melbourne, honing his skills in product development, warehousing, and “all the important roles of manufacturing”.

“Melbourne wasn’t for me so we returned to Cobden. This was actually the building that I learnt woodworking in (from Greg Suter) so I thought we’ll come back and make an offer and see if we can make our own start here. We did that just over 12 months ago now.”

With a focus on premium quality and a patient but confident approach, Scott said he was looking to expand the company in the next five years. 

“We’re aiming for 19 staff because we’re aiming to hit the worldwide market.

“I think we’re completely unique. We’re more powerful than any other speaker this size. We’re continually innovating as well - constantly moving the goalposts for any competition.”