Road maintenance

Text reads: Roads Maintenance

Council carries out a wide range of maintenance works to keep our local roads safe and to a high standard.

Maintenance works include:

  • Road patching – pot hole repair / shoulder repairs
  • Grading and resheeting of gravel roads
  • Roadside slashing and spraying
  • Resurfacing sealed roads
  • Bridge and culvert repairs and replacement
  • Drainage works
  • Vegetation trimming and removal
  • Signage replacement
  • Line marking
  • Guidepost replacement
  • Streetsweeping

Required works are carried out through our various programs and from our road inspection program.

You can assist Council by letting us know of any maintenance requirements to our local roads.  Complete our online Customer Request Form or ring our Customer Relations Team on 03 5593 7100.

If you are not sure about whose road it is, you can check here. For any works required on main roads please contact VicRoads 13 11 70 or visit the VicRoads website and report the issue online.