Road classification

Text reads: Road Classification

Roads have been classified into four categories as follow:

Road Classification
Link Road
  • A Link Road provides primarily for collecting and distributing traffic from local areas to the wider Arterial Road Network.
  • It provides connectivity to significant town and rural industries, including farm produce, quarries, forestry and tourist activities.
  • Link Roads cater generally for higher traffic volumes (>150ADT), heavy vehicles and higher travel speeds
Collector Road
  • A Collector Road provides primarily a feeder service to Link Roads.
  • It provides access to local properties in both rural and town areas and access to moderate local rural industries, including farm produce, quarry, forestry and tourist activities.
  • Collector Roads generally cater for moderate traffic volumes (50 - 150 ADT), and travel speeds.
Access Road
  • An Access Road provides primarily direct access to properties and industries in urban and rural areas.
  • It provides access to limited local rural industries, including farm produce, quarry, forestry and tourist activities.
  • Access Roads cater generally for lower traffic volumes (20 - 100 ADT), and travel speeds.
Limited Access Road/Track
  • A Limited Access Road/Track provides primarily access to undeveloped properties in rural areas.
  • It is not required to provide daily access to residences or industries, and may be used for fire protection purposes and management access.
  • Limited Access Road/Tracks cater for very low speeds, low traffic volumes (<5 ADT), and may be seasonally closed.

 In developing the road classification system the following guiding principles have been used:

  • classification system is linked with, and consistent to the Austroads National Functional Road Classification system;
  • classification system is function based;
  • traffic volumes, vehicle type, existing road structure, abutting property use, future demand etc, assist in determining appropriate classification; and
  • width of a road or whether it is sealed is not necessarily criteria that influence a classification.

Monitoring System and Response

Inspection Frequency by Classification
  Footpaths (all)
Link road
Collector Road
Access Road
Limited Access/Track
Day Time
Yearly Four per year
Three per year
Twice per year
Night Time
Not inspected
Yearly Once every 2 years
Once every 3 years
No inspected