New director joins Corangamite Shire

Published on 13 July 2022

Director Corporate and Community Services David Harrington with Team Leader Education and Care Sue Currell at Terang Children’s Centre

David Harrington is the new Director Corporate and Community Services at Corangamite Shire Council.

Mr Harrington will lead a team of about 70 full-time equivalent staff who deliver services in disability, aged and children's services, finance, human resources, risk management, information services, rating and contract coordination.

He earned his Bachelor of Commerce from LaTrobe University in 2000 and Chartered Accountants diploma in 2004. He was finance manager at British telecommunications company BT and wagering company William Hill before coming home to South West

Victoria and joining Warrnambool City Council as a senior accountant, then Finance Manager.

Mr Harrington knows the area well and understands the issues that are important to regional residents.

“I grew up on a dairy farm in Naringal,” he said.

“My father’s side of the family is in the Terang and Noorat area. My brother works for Fonterra in Cobden and lives locally.

After traveling the world in earlier years, Mr Harrington is happily raising a family back home in the Southwest.

“My wife is from Colombia,” he said.

“We met in London when we were both working there. We have two kids who are 8 and 6 years old. We like to get back to see family in Colombia every 18 months.”

Mr Harrington said the move to Corangamite was an opportunity to progress his career.

“I’d been at Warrnambool for 11 years and worked my way up through the ranks.

“I wanted to expand my skill set around finance and move into managerial and directorial space.

“I’ve got a strong focus on digital improvement and on people and culture; making sure people are looked after and are happy and satisfied in their roles.

That focus on digital improvement saw him take a big role in the shared services project which has allowed Corangamite, Warrnambool and Moyne Shire Councils to pool resources for more efficient and cost-effective results for ratepayers.

“That’s a really exciting project for the three Councils. I strongly believe it will deliver real benefits to the three Councils. It was a good opportunity for me to build some relationships with staff from Corangamite before I started here.”

Mr Harrington also has extensive expertise in the community services field.

“At Warrnambool I introduced a business partnership model and I worked closely with the Community Services team.

“That gave me a good understanding of the services being provided and I was able to better support the staff by complementing their expert knowledge in service delivery with my business and financial skills.

“It has given me a great appreciation for the dedication and enthusiasm of the Community Services team that provide an integral service to the community.”

CEO Andrew Mason said Mr Harrington would bring a great deal of experience to Corangamite. “I’d like to welcome David to our organisation,” Mr Mason said.

“His strong finance background will be an asset in providing the best value for our ratepayers and keeping Corangamite in a strong financial position into the future.

“His past experience in Community Services makes him a good fit for the role. David is really keen to get out and meet our terrific staff who provide vital services for our community.” 

Photo: Director Corporate and Community Services David Harrington (right) with Team Leader Education and Care Sue Currell (left) at Terang Children’s Centre

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