Twelve Apostles Trail - Final Stage


March 2023 Update

What's happened since the last update?

Following on from the Christmas period shutdown, we have completed:

  • Concrete path and pavement works at the car park lookout
  • Earthworks and fencing for part of the concrete path east of the Great Ocean Road lookout
  • Works at the Desailly Street / Lord Street intersection and GOR Lookout are continuing
  • Approval from Telstra for a plan to protect assets
  • Approaches and retaining wall at Gristede’s cattle underpass
  • All cattle underpass bridges installed

What's next?

  • Complete the lookout car park
  • Landscaping at Desailly St and McCue St intersections will take place after civil works are completed in March
  • Approaches on all cattle underpass bridges to align smoothly with trail
  • Continue construction works to path east of the GOR lookout
  • Clearing vegetation between the Campbells Creek bridge and the bus shelter
  • Repair works on trail where scouring has occurred on sections of trail on North South Road and Timboon Peterborough Road

Q & As

How will dual use be emphasised in areas of high pedestrian /cyclist traffic?

The trail design between Port Campbell and the Carpark lookout is concrete path or boardwalk. The path will be linemarked with a centre line and symbols denoting shared path.

Dual use map

What is the purpose of the black poles along sections of the trail?

Where the drop-off along the trail is greater than one metre, fencing needs to be installed to meet safety requirements. This will be similar to pool fencing so vegetation can still be viewed.

Twelve As Updated with map

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