Twelve Apostles Trail - Final Stage


October 2023 Update

What’s happened since the last update?

  • Cantilever boardwalk abutments and piles installed
  • Continued path construction on both sides of bridge
  • Retaining wall through cutting installed
  • Approaches to Campbells Creek bridge formed
  • Review of maintenance vehicle access to service across and on trail

What's next?

  • Bridge deck to be craned in
  • Set out and installation of abutments for other boardwalks
  • Continue path and fencing east of Campbells Creek
  • Refit trail related road signs

Whispers vs unfinished business!

This is an exciting project and we love keeping you informed. Please be sure to raise any concerns or issues directly with us. This will ensure you receive accurate, clear and timely advice. It will also help avoid any misconceptions while the job is still being completed.

A recent example was the alignment of the retaining wall sleepers near the town entrance. The retaining wall had been installed and there was ‘settling’ of the sleepers which resulted in the linear lines being crooked. 

Works were brought forward to address concerns that had been heard through the community. However, it is worth noting:

  • The trail works were still underway and checks were yet to be completed
  • Works of this scale require various hold points at which Council and CivilNow will stop and review the works, then any issues can be addressed.