Grants and funding

 Please note the Digital, Diversification and Forced Closure Business Grants have now closed. 

Grant overview for all funding programs are listed below.

Community Grants Program
The Community Grants Program supports community organisations wishing to present quality, innovative Shire-based activities, which enhance the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of the community. 

Environment Support Grants Program
The Environmental Grants provide financial assistance to incorporated community groups, organisations and individuals to undertake environmental and sustainability projects on public and private land within Corangamite Shire.

Events & Festivals Grants Program
Events and festivals are an integral part of our community that bring significant benefits to the region by adding to the vitality of the Shire, providing community connection, place activation and grow the visitor economy.

Facility Grants Program
The Facility Grants program provides financial assistance to Committees of Management and Clubs/Organisations whose primary function is located in the Shire. It is expected that applications will be submitted for equipment purchases, minor repairs and minor works.

Facility Design Grants Program
The Facility Design Grants provide financial assistance to sporting clubs to fund schematic designs for redevelopment or new facilities, where communities conduct, organise and participate in sport and recreation.

Retail Area Facade Improvement Program
The Retail Area Façade Improvement Program aims to improve the presentation of towns and streetscapes in Corangamite Shire. Funding of up to $3,000 is available on a $ for $ basis.