Skylar Carpenter

Skylar is wearing a blue three-quarter length blue polo with the Lions Club logo in yellow on the right pocket. She is leaning on a light brown fence with the Lions sign on the right.

Skylar Carpenter, Camperdown Lions Club’s youngest member

At 18, Skylar Carpenter became the Camperdown Lions Club’s youngest member after experiencing firsthand the kindness of people during a time of need.

Skylar saw how the community and particularly Lions rallied to support her family in the aftermath of the 2018 St Patrick’s Day fires.

“It just stood out to me, the approach and warmth of the Lions community rallying around,” Skylar says.

Later Skylar and her mother were invited to a Camperdown Lions Club dinner meeting. It wasn’t long after that Skylar became a member.

“I’d never thought about volunteering or joining a group, but it was the perfect opportunity to give back. They had done so much for us.”

The Lions Club’s no-pressure approach was important to Skylar, who still wanted to “hang out” with her friends and had a busy work schedule.

“Everyone was so lovely and so welcoming. Right from the beginning I felt like a valued member of the Camperdown Lions Club family.”

“The club is very understanding that we all lead busy lives. There is no pressure to attend all meetings, everyone does what they can when they can.”

Now in her 20s, Skylar continues to be an active member of the Lions Club.  A recent project for Skylar has been to lead a committee focused on investigating and working with Corangamite Shire to facilitate the addition of an ‘All Inclusive Play Space’ within Camperdown.  While the project is in its early stages Skylar hopes Camperdown will soon have a play space that includes wheelchair accessible and sensory equipment.

This became a focus for Skylar while she was working in childcare and witnessed firsthand the struggles of a wheelchair-bound child within her care. When Skylar mentioned this to the Lions Club she was met with an abundance of support and the project plans became a reality.

“Being a member of the Lions Club has allowed me to grow in confidence whilst being supported by a caring and encouraging group of people. The experience I have gained as a result of my membership in the club has been invaluable. I encourage everyone to consider becoming a volunteer, as it is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time and let’s not forget the friendships that you make along the way.”

“I absolutely love it.”