Positioning Simpson & Timboon

In September 2020 Council approved the final Positioning Timboon and Simpson Strategy

The Strategy delivers future strategic directions for Timboon and Simpson, including a Simpson Structure Plan to provide a future land use planning framework.

Aligning with Council’s strategic objective of population growth, the Strategy supports future residential development, housing and regional decentralisation opportunities within Corangamite Shire and to promote lifestyle residential attraction.

Tourism is a major contributor to the Shire’s economic advantage, with its forecast growth and visitation requiring new development and infrastructure to service future operations and a growing visitor economy. The Strategy renews the focus on the role the coastal hinterland will play in the future of settlement planning (including housing and employment) and as a key contributor to the regional economy. This is due to development constraints, environmental risks and capacity limitations along the coast.

The Strategy addresses these opportunities and challenges, establishing Timboon and Simpson as the key service centres within the hinterland region, positioning them and defining their role.

Implementation of the Strategy will occur through a planning scheme amendment, economic development actions and capital works. A planning scheme amendment will be subject to further review by Council, before proceeding with authorisation and public exhibition.