Timboon Precinct Plan

Map of Timboon with site area outlined.

Project Overview

Council is undertaking a project to produce a Precinct Plan for the Timboon Town Centre.

The purpose of the Precinct Plan is to deliver a succinct and highly visual urban design framework for Timboon’s public spaces, within the town centre.  It will provide the design direction and recommendations to enhance Timboon’s public spaces to support existing business, encourage community use, and attract greater tourism potential and investment.


The Timboon Precinct Plan arises from the Positioning Timboon and Simpson Structure Plan, 2020, the Community Plan, from Grow and Prosper, as well as community interest, to support the growth of the town, with a consistent vision, and to enhance tourism opportunities within the town.

There have been a number of approaches recently from community and businesses with regard to the use and function of the precinct around Powers Creek, the village green, Senior Citizens and Railway Shed in the centre of Timboon. Increasingly, the area is being seen as a tourism/events area and is a central hub at the intersection of the Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail and the Twelve Apostles Trail – Timboon to Port Campbell. While streetscape works and community planning projects have occurred, as well as private sector investment into the Railway Shed Distillery and the Ice-creamery, this has been without reference to an overall Masterplan or Urban Design Framework for the precinct or town. With multiple landowners and managers, it is important that a design and land use Framework be in place to ensure that future public sector investment and community benefits are best realised.

Objectives of the Precinct Plan

The Timboon Precinct Plan aims to:

  • Consolidate and review previous public realm works, consider new recommendations, and seek to enhance the qualities of the Timboon ‘town centre’ Precinct.
  • Effectively engage with stakeholders, businesses and the community.
  • Provide a collective and aspirational vision and long-term planning framework for the Precinct.
  • Provide directions to capitalise on future tourism and commercial opportunities, and public realm upgrades to enhance visitor experience.
  • Provide an urban design framework that is easily understood with clear recommendations and practical design outcomes.

Deliver a plan that implements the land use and urban design frameworks, with consideration to community benefit, public sector investment, and tourism opportunity.

Phase 1 Consultation

A Community Launch event on Saturday 24 February gave residents and visitors of Timboon the opportunity to chat to the project team about what they love about Timboon’s town centre, and what they want to see in the future.  Feedback was also received from various classes at the Timboon School, to further understand the community's aspirations for the town.  A workshop was then held with the Project Working Group in April, to further explore these ideas.

A summary of the feedback received can be viewed here.

A Draft Precinct Plan

Engaging with the community and other key stakeholders has helped to establish a community-lead vision. Using the feedback received, a Draft Precinct Plan has now been prepared by the project team.

The Draft Precinct Plan is now available for community feedback until 21st July 2024. Visit the project consultation page to provide your feedback (insert link to HYS page).

The Draft Timboon Precinct Plan can be downloaded here.(PDF, 57MB)

The supporting Access and Movement Study can be downloaded here.(PDF, 5MB)